My Favorite Things



My Favorite Things

Products I Recommend:

Aside from my supplements, the products listed here are affiliate relationships. I use these products myself and suggest them to you in good faith because I like the companies. I get a percent of the sale and you save via the links below.

My Supplements


I've worked hard to bring you the highest quality, unique & best studied ingredients from around the world.

All products follow GMP standards to ensure potency, purity and are third-party tested. 


Sunlighten Saunas

My favorite full-size or portable saunas. Save up to $600 OFF via this link & mention my name.

HigherDose FIR Sauna Blanket

When you need to sauna in a smaller space. Use code DRTYNA for 15% OFF via this link.

HigherDose Far Infrared PEMF Mat

Ground, warm & meditate. Use code DRTYNA for 15% OFF via this link.

HigherDose Infrared PEMP GO Mat

Portable for your workspace or smaller places. Use code DRTYNA for 15% OFF via this link.

HigherDose Red Light Face Mask

Red light therapy for your face. Use code DRTYNA for 15% OFF via this link.

BioLight Red Light Panel

Revolutionary, patent-pending Dual LED technology. Use code DRTYNA for 10% OFF via this link.

AquaTru Water Filter

Literally the best tasting filtered water I've ever had. Save BIG with this link. Discount applied automatically.

Air Doctor Air Filter

Quiet, efficient and damn good at cleaning the air. Save BIG with this link. Discount applied automatically.

Gym Equipment

The bulk of my gym is outfitted with equipment from PRX Performance. LOVE their fold away rack, soft box and more! 

100% Grass Fed and Pasture-Raised Meats

Regeneratively raised 100% grass-fed, grass finished meat in the USA.  Use this link for 20% OFF for LIFE + $15 off your first box!

PaleoValley 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

100% grass fed/grass finished beef and organic spices that are naturally fermented. 80% OFF your first order via this link.

Carnivore Crisps

Just meat and salt. The perfect snack. Use code DRTYNA for 10% off via this link.

Power Plate

Powerful vibration precision wave technology that recruits 95% of your muscle fibers.​ Use code DRTYNA for 20% OFF via this link.

Nutrisense CGM

Continuous Glucose Monitor Program. Use code DRTYNA for $20 OFF your first month.

Lotus Wei Flower Essences

Take the QUIZ to find out your perfect match! Use code DRTYNA for 10% OFF via this link.