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Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast/Speaking Request

Please fill out the form to request to have Dr. Tyna on your podcast or at your event. If it's possible we will let you know!


GLP1 Training:

If you're a health professional, or the general public, and are wanting to know more about Dr. Tyna's dosing strategies with GLP1 agonists or how she goes about utilizing these peptides in clinical practice, this course is what you seek.

Dr. Tyna is not available to consult with patients, doctors or pharmacists. Inside this comprehensive program is the only place she is taking questions.


Marketing Coaching

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While my clinical practice is closed to new patients, I am considering opening my schedule up for non-medical consults and am hiring a health coach in the near future to help you reach your goals.

  • I field non-medical advice questions and deep dive into microdosing and all things GLP1 success, in detail, inside my Ozempic Done Right University, available above 👆
  • This course will remain the most affordable way to access my brain and clinical thinking, regardless. It is the best value.

If you're interested in a consultation or health coaching in the future, please add your name to the waitlist to be notified when this launches: