Ep 55: Food Lies with Brian Sanders

On this episode of the Dr. Tyna Show, I sit down with Brian Sanders. Brian runs the popular IG page @food.lies and he is the host of the Peak Human Podcast.  He joins me to talk about all the food lies that you've been fed over the past several decades.  We discuss Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Agriculture and how they are all in bed together.

On This Episode We Cover:
7:21 - The consequences of being separated from nature 
10:51 - The dogma around nutrition 
29:37 - Modern foods (refined grains, high fructose corn syrup, seed oils) and the impact they have on humans
31:46 - Fallacies behind climate change and the meat industry 
42:01 - No one should ever fat shame but we should be able to say it’s not healthy
55:25 - Looking at ones diet over the course of a year
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