Ep 51: The Mindset Around Getting Healthy with Kaylor Betts

On this episode of the Dr. Tyna Show, I am joined by my friend and host of The Mental Wealth Podcast, Kaylor Betts.  Kaylor is a mental wealth coach and he sits down with me for a discussion on how to become your own thought detective.  We go into the mindset around getting healthy and how it takes a shift in your mindset before you can get your health in order.  

On This Episode We Cover:
Mental health 
Mental wellness 
Stress Hormones 
Social media
Personal Responsibility 
Body positivity movement 
Metabolic Health 
Fitness and nutrition 

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Highlights From This Episode:

12:44: Kaylor Betts: Okay. So in our environment and our experiences, if something has a lot of emotion behind it, that gets stored within our subconscious. That influences and reprograms our subconscious particularly negative emotion, because we have a negativity bias.

We're always looking for threats, right? Our psychology is, and then repetition. Now, if you think about it, fear is a negative emotion, right. And gets stored within the subconscious. And then when you add repetition, well, I don't know that we've been exposed to more of a consistent, negative emotion than fear and which the, the emotion is actually anxiety, right?

So we have anxiety and we've been exposed to it through our media and just our conversations in society. Everything has been so doom and Gloo. For the last two and a half years. So a lot of emotion and a lot of repetition every day, we're exposed to this doom and gloom. And it's just fear over and over and over again. And that to me is what is causing the mental health decline or at least what's attributing to it the most in my observation.

19:28: Kaylor Betts: Guys, Losers - and I'm just gonna be really blunt here. A little tough love. Losers, react to their subconscious conditioning and all their unhealthy patterns. Winners are conscious. They create that space. They become awake and they say, Ooh, that's anxiety. And then they think critically and they go, “Should I really be justified? Well, Dr. Tyna’s just, you know, doing her best. She's probably dealing with battles that I don't even know about. I should have more empathy and sympathy for her. She, you know, is very well educated. She's credible, you know?” So you walk yourself through the truth, the objective truth. And you say “That's probably my shit. That anxiety is probably my own internal battles that I'm now trying to project out onto her.” Right? And then you tell yourself the truth and then you respond in the weight.

Now, going back to the repetition, if you do that with enough repetition, guess what? The program changes. So that, and I don't wanna overwhelm people. It's a complicated thing. But to me, that is the best thing you can do is be a thought detective, create that space and respond to your unconscious program, uh, and become aware of it. And then you can respond consciously.

50:28: Kaylor Betts: One of the best questions you can ask yourself at any moment is what I'm about to do. Does it serve my greatest good or does it distract me from my highest self and my highest purpose. Right? And winners will make decisions and actions based off of their long term values and commitments, losers will make decisions based off how they feel in the moment.

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