Ep 37: The Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Jonny Bowden

On this weeks episode I sit down with the legendary Jonny Bowden.  Jonny Bowden is a pioneer in functional nutrition and his books have been apart of my library since I started in this industry.  Jonny well known for his book best selling book, "The Great Cholesterol Myth," which we break down in this episode.  

On this episode we cover:
How the country got on the low fat kick 
Modern cholesterol test 
Why the HDL/LDL test is antiquated 
The particle test 
How to test for cholesterol the modern way 
What to ask your doctor 
Why statins don’t save live 
Link between statin drugs and erectile dysfunction drugs 
Cholesterol and sex hormones
Pre-Diabetes aka Insulin Resistance 
Vegetable Oils vs Seed Oils 
Omega 6s and Omega 3s

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